Welcome to the Carnock and Gowkhall Gala Page
Royal Party 2011
We understand the beauty of community spirit and every year the residents' families of each village outdo themselves in getting involved and making it an absolute blast for the children. We encourage everyone to come along and enjoy themselves with good food, good music and good company.

We are very interested in hearing from any businesses or individuals who would like to contribute towards this year’s event. If you would like any additional information in regards to this year’s event then please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, we need all the help we can to ensure that this year’s gala is even better than the last!

Gala 2012
This year's Gala was held on Saturday 18th August 2012. The theme was be 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'.
Fund Raising
We hold fund raising events throughout the year to pay for the Gala.
Gala Photographs
Look in the Gallery or at Photographs from the 2009 event in the Dunfermline Press or Facebook.