August 2012

The Group are very pleased to announce that we have been granted funds by the 'Co-operative Membership Community Fund' to enable us to purchase a Climbing Frame/House and Safety Mats.
This purchase will bring so much enjoyment to the children of the Group along with a sense of challenge and adventure.
Many thanks to 'The Co-operative' for this award, and again to 'SRJ Windows' who made a donation towards our fundraising efforts for this cause.

December 2011
The Group would like to thank all the local residents and pub regulars who participated and contributed to the 'Christmas Cake Bake Off' event which was held at 'The Inn @ Carnock'.
£120 was raised from the event and the Group are extremely grateful that we were chosen as the local community group to benefit from the funds raised.
This donation is very much appreciated and we cannot thank you enough.
Thank You!
October 2011
A big Thank You to 'SRJ Windows' of Oakley who made a very generous donation to the Group.
The Group is extremely grateful for this kind donation and it will help towards our next intended purchase of a Climbing Frame and Safety Mats.